Well..... Shit.
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nerd: touch my butt and buy me pizza
me: fuck my ass and pay for all my groceries

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i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again:

the big bang theory is not a smart comedy. it relies on cliches and stereotypes that are offensive to everyone they reflect. there is little to no originality in any storyline or relationship.

the funniest thing about this show is that people compare it to 30 rock, parks and rec, louie, veep, etc

there is a difference between a smart show and a show that happens to have nerds on it.

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"i know but idk"

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I think nb people should start using pointless astronomical symbols to describe their gender just like binary people do


this is pluto’s alternate symbol, look how cool it is

im so into this

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BREAKING NEWS: if you ever judge anyone based on the number of sexual partners they’ve had, you’re a complete imbecile.

I beg to differ.

If someone has had more than one hundred thousand sexual partners I will absolutely judge them because that is impressive as hell.

I was expecting that to go somewhere else than it did and I’m pleased with the ending

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